Sunday, March 4, 2018

In is out and light is dark

The image to the left is a section of the page in the UNBOUND treatment dealing with Episodes Five and Six (which are set to Lazarus). The image below is the page from the script for these same installments (both images can be clicked for enlargement).

From the very start, the treatment was specific about where these were to be set: a "long hallway" which the script further detailed as a "long, dark hallway" and, specifically, an interior shot.

As it turned out - through the wonder of Movie Magic - our interior, long, dark hallway wound up being shot outside, in broad daylight, in a courtyard/patio area adjacent to the room where we shot the so-called "Library Scenes" that open and close the series.

These two episodes were shot at the same location and on the same day as Episodes One, Two, Fifteen and Sixteen, at Union Hall in Brooklyn, NY. These were all captured on what was our fourth day of filming.