Cast & Crew

Produced by Lawrence Peryer
Produced and Written by Carolynn Cecilia
Produced and Directed by Nikki Borges

Protagonist: Tavi Gevinson
Lounge Singer: Patricia Clarkson
Young Boy: Jonah Herman
Dancer: Daniel Rysak
Woman in Red Dress: Nikki Borges
Older Wo man: Ching Valdes-Anan
Woman in Audience: Amanda de la Nuez
Woman on the Train: Jay Knowles
Man in the Alley: Quincy Dunn-Baker
Obscured Woman: Ceci Fernandez
Drummer: Eoin Duffy
Dancer #2: Jamarious Stewart
Dancer #3: Maxwell Perkins
Dancer #4: Katie Attar
Dancer #5: Kayla Farrish
Dancer #6: Felix Hess
Arm of Man: delaVega
Piano Player: Katie Morrison
Bartender: Leslie Golden 
Director of Photography: Joshua Sterling Bragg
Line Producer: delaVega
Associate Producer, Casting Director: Ceci Fernandez
Associate Producer, Production Designer: Leslie Golden
Associate Producer, Unit Production Manager: Amanda de La Nuez
Final Cut: Decheser Media
Editor: Mike Ragone
Creative Consultat: Michael Decheser 
All Songs Produced by David Bowie and Tony Visconti 
David Bowie - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Fender Guitar on 'Lazarus', String Arrangement on 'Blackstar'
Donny McCaslin - Saxophone, Flute, Woodwind
Jason Lindner - Piano, Wurlitzer Organ, Keyboards
Tim Lefebvre – Bass
Mark Guiliana – Drums, Percussion
Ben Monder – Guitar
Tony Visconti - Strings on Blackstar
James Murphy - Percussion on Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) and Girl Loves Me
Erin Tonkon – Backing Vocals on 'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore 
All songs written by David Bowie & published by Nipple Music (BMI) administered by RZO Music, Inc. except for 'Sue (Or In A Season of Crime)' Lyrics by David Bowie; Music by David Bowie, Maria Schneider and "Paul Bateman and Bob Bharma (as 'plastic soul')" Nipple Music (BMI) administered by RZO Music, Inc. MSF Music (ASCAP) administered by ArtistShare Music Publishing LLC, Flex Publishing/Sherlock Holmes Music Ltd.  This composition contains elements from "Brand New Heavy" (Bateman/Bhamra).  Used by permission.  All rights reserved. 
Dance Choreographer: Hollye Bynum
Stunt Coordinator: Peter Wallack
Wire Rigger: Roberto Lopez
Stunt Woman: Kimmy Suzuki
Assistant Camera Operator: Anthony Maddaloni
Wardrobe: Seth Bodie
Hair & Makeup Artist: Missy Scarbourough
Hair & Makeup Artist for Patricia Clarkson: Angie Elizalde
VFX Production House: Hey, Mister
Drum Instructor to Eoin Duffy: Nikolaus Schubeck, Brooklyn Music Factory
Production Assistant: Courtney Barber
Assistant to Mr. Peryer: Julia Buchmiller